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Mouth Tape + Tin

Mouth Tape + Tin

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Discover the key to revitalizing your sleep and day to day life while unlocking a world of health benefits with our 30-piece pack of premium mouth tape with easy to use tear away backing, elegantly housed in a sleek tin case. 

Not only does our tin case keep your mouth tape safe and organized, but it also adds a touch of sophistication to your bedroom or travel essentials ;)


30 individual pieces of mouth tape

Tin case

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great tape

I've been a user of mouth tape for quite some time and was previously using medical tape from the pharmacy. Although the idea was great, the tape would always fall off half way through the night, or wouldnt cover my mouth entirely. Cheeky tape guarantees im breathing through my nose and stays on the whole night, which is amazing. I also really dig the tin, great details!

Will be ordering again!

Ladin Oz
Great product!

Ever since my boyfriend started using this product, he has stopped snoring, he is also sleeping better through the night. It has been a big change for the both of us! We are more than grateful to say the least! :)

Luke Uri
Sleep well

Most rested I’ve ever felt in the morning.

Zachary Landon

For years my girlfriend has complained about my constant snoring and heavy breathing, but once Jeremy recommended Cheeky Mouth Tape, that problem went away

I’ve also noticed I wake up feeling more refreshed with less sleep. Pair that with no more dry mouth and I am now officially a happy morning person. Breathe well my friends!

Matthew Marcia
New addiction

Just started taping using Cheeky Mouth Tape a month ago and can’t recommend it enough. Finally a full nights sleep and I wake up like a slept for 12 hours. I taped my girlfriend’s mouth up because she sleeps like a silver back gorilla and it’s the only thing that has helped her stop. Thanks again for getting my sleep back and getting rid of the gorilla I was sleeping side by side with. Relationship saver.