How to Use

  • Clean and Dry

    • Before applying the tape, ensure that your lips and surrounding facial area are clean and dry. This helps the tape adhere properly.
    • Ensure you're well hydrated before taping your mouth, as your body will be breathing through your nose!
  • Positioning

    • Gently apply the tape horizontally across your lips with a light tension, starting from one corner of your mouth to the other.
    • Avoid covering your nostrils to ensure you can still breathe through your nose. 
    • Adjust the tension of the tape as need be to ensure comfortability!
  • Monitor and Adjust

    • Pay attention to how you feel when using mouth tape- even though we bet you’ll notice a fantastic change.
    • If you experience discomfort, difficulty breathing, or any negative effects, stop using it and consult a healthcare professional.
  • The Right Tape

    Our mouth tape gently encourages nasal breathing. Crafted from comfortable, facial hair and skin-friendly materials, our tape ensures a secure yet gentle seal to keep your mouth closed.

  • Put it On!

    Mouth taping is typically used during sleep, as it's most effective when trying to prevent mouth breathing at night, but we love to use it at any desired time of day and during exercise to retrain ourselves how to breathe. 

  • Benefits to Taping

    • Improved Sleep Quality
    • Enhanced Oxygen Intake
    • Support for Oral Health
    • Reduced Allergen Exposure
    • Retrain Proper Breathing Habits
    • No Snoring